Evinrude and Mercury Marine win environmental honor in Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council named outboard motor manufacturer Evinrude a “Green Master” for the company’s sustainability performance this year.

The Wisconsin Green Masters Program is based on a survey in which points are awarded in categories such as energy, climate, workforce, governance, community and educational outreach.

“Evinrude is committed to preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy,” Tracy Crocker, senior vice president and general manager of Evinrude, said in a statement. “That is why we use innovative technologies to ensure our products are more fuel-efficient and better for the environment than any other outboard. We know creating sustainable is not the only action we can take to protect the environment; we are also committed to sustainable practices throughout our workplace.”

For the past few years, Evinrude has developed its E-TEC G2 outboards, which feature direct fuel injection and produce lower emissions than other outboards, the engine manufacturer said.

The company’s major sustainability initiatives include installing a closed-loop water and energy recovery system for testing and developing clean-technology outboard engines and pioneering field emissions testing equipment to help bring second-generation alternative biofuels, such as biobutanol, to boating consumers.

The company also has installed a heat-recovery unit on existing process emissions control devices.

“Every member of the Evinrude team is committed to sustainable manufacturing processes,” Jeff Wasil, Evinrude’s engineering manager for emissions testing, certification and regulatory development, said in a statement. “Evinrude constantly pioneers new solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. These actions help us ensure long-term energy efficiency, a core component in Evinrude’s corporate social responsibility goals.”


Mercury Marine said its commitment to sustainability has earned it the “Green Master” designation from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council for the seventh consecutive year.

Earning the designation places Mercury among the top 20 percent of about 200 participating companies. This year Mercury received a sustainability score of 643 points, well above what was necessary to retain its Green Master status.

Mercury said the Green Masters Program measures companies on sustainability issues that include energy and water conservation, waste management, community outreach and education.

“We are honored to receive a Green Masters designation for the seventh consecutive year,” Scott Louks, the company’s sustainability and facilities project management manager, said in a statement. “We emphasize sustainability in everything we do, from our processes to our people, and it takes a commitment from all 6,200 global employees to meet and exceed our goals. We have robust plans for the future and I’m confident that we will continue to lead the way in the marine industry and effect significant growth in sustainability.”

Mercury recently released its 2017 Sustainability Report. It is available for download here.

The report highlights fuel-efficient products and water and energy conservation milestones and features a new solar panel roof at Mercury’s EMEA headquarters.