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MIAMI VIDEO: Soundings writers honored at BWI awards

MIAMI - Boating Writers International honored the industry's top marine journalists with the presentation of its annual writing awards.

The contest drew 301 entries from 113 writers, and $16,000 in awards were handed out to first ($500), second ($300) and third ($200) place winners in 16 categories. In addition to cash awards, certificates of merit were presented to writers of another 34 articles that scored within 95 percent of third-place tallies in each category.

No winners were named in the Gear, Electronics and Product Tests category because it had an insufficient number of entries to be judged.

Jim Flannery, senior writer for Soundings Trade Only and sister publication Soundings, received the top honor BWI presents to a journalist with the BWI Grand Prize Writer's Award.

Click play to watch Flannery receive his honor in Miami.

Announcement of the award, consisting of a $2,500 check and a crystal trophy, was made today during the BWI membership meeting at the Miami International Boat Show.

Flannery, of Fort Lauderdale, covers the Southeast and beyond for Soundings and Trade Only, filing dozens of articles annually that range from safety and legislative concerns to industry profiles and human interest tales.

His in-depth treatise, "The fading glory of working waterfronts," profiled the human impact that the demise of water-based commercial enterprise brings and identified the issues that lead to it. In Maine, and coastal states also tied to a challenged fishery, the competition between private land use and development and civic interest in keeping businesses and resulting jobs is a constant faceoff.

Flannery also reported on individuals, groups and government programs seeking healthy mixed-use solutions that offer hope for restoring waterfront vitality. The article was first recognized in the Boating Issues, News and Analysis writing category, one of 48 award winners in the 2010 BWI Annual Writing Contest. The top three entries in each of 16 writing categories were considered for this grand prize.

Among the annual writing awards, Soundings took two first-place awards — Stephen Blakely’s “Destination: New York City” in the Boating Travel or Destinations category, and Tom Neale's "Don't shortcut the learning curve" in the Seamanship, Rescue & Safety category.

Here are the first-, second- and third-place winners in each category and the writers recognized with certificates of merit:

Boating Columns

1st, “On Watch,” by Gary “Cap’n Fatty” Goodlander, Cruising World

2nd, “On the Wind,” by Chris Caswell, Sailing

3rd, “Off Watch,” by Wendy Clarke, Cruising World

Boating Lifestyles

1st, “Black Pearls, Reef Sharks and Ancient Ghosts,” by Antonia Murphy, Cruising World

2nd, “Around the World by Thumb,” by Clive Webber, Cruising World

3rd, “From the White-Knuckler Files,” by Elaine Lembo, Cruising World

Awards of merit: “Let There Be Pirates” by Jane Meneely, Chesapeake Bay; and “Are You Being Served?” by Chris Caswell, Yachting

Boating Profiles

1st, “Beauty and the Beasts,” by Marty LeGrand, Chesapeake Bay

2nd, “Full Noise or No Noise,” by Herb McCormick, Cruising World

3rd, “No Stranger to the Grind,” by Stuart Streuli, Sailing World

Awards of merit: “A Space Odyssey,” by Gary Kramer, BoatUS Magazine; “Resurrecting a Legend,” by Heather Steinberger, Sailing; “Insider — Geoff Eisenberg,” by Michael Verdon, International Boat Industry; and “Remembering John Krevey,” by Betsy Haggerty, Boating on the Hudson & Beyond

Boating Travel or Destinations

1st, “Destination: New York City,” by Stephen Blakely, Soundings

2nd, “In Darwin's Wake,” by Herb McCormick, Cruising World

3rd, “Society Islands Sojourn,” by Tim Murphy, Cruising World

Awards of merit: “Byzantium Bound,” by Jane Meneely, Chesapeake Bay; “The City That Care Forgot,” by Mary South, Yachting; “Diamond in the Rough,” by Wendy Clarke, Cruising World; and “Baja Magic,” by Peter Swanson, PassageMaker

Boating Adventures

1st, “The Voyage in Between,” by Gary Goodlander, Cruising World

2nd, “Emergency Exit,” by Chris Caswell, Yachting

3rd, “From Penguins to Palm Trees,” by Beth Leonard, Cruising World

Awards of merit: “Ten Feet Across the Pacific,” by Marlin Bree, The Ensign; and “Chesapeake Sailor Earns Stripes,” by Stephen Blakely, Soundings

Boat/Engine Care and Maintenance

1st, “Turning Heads,” by Jen Brett, Cruising World

2nd, “Importance of Oil Sampling,” by George Sass Sr., PassageMaker

3rd, “Home Sweet Hazard,” by Chris Caswell, Dockwalk

Awards of merit: “The Unprotected Saildrive,” by Ed Sherman, Cruising World; “Choosing a New Cruising Main,” by Frank Lanier, Practical Sailor; and “No Mechanical Skill? — There’s a Fix for That,” by Tom Neale, Soundings


1st, “Touchscreen Technology,” by Tim Bartlett, Power & Motoryacht

2nd, “Social Navigation,” by Peter Swanson, Motor Boating

3rd, “Managing Your Boat's Power Consumption,” by Chris Landry, Soundings

Award of merit: “Glancing Sideways,” by John Page Williams, Chesapeake Bay

Ethics and Environment

1st, “Dammed If You Do, Damned If You Don’t,” by Jody Schroath, Chesapeake Bay

2nd, “Down in the Hole,” by Kevin Koenig, Power & Motoryacht

3rd, “Eating the Aliens,” by Chris Landers, BoatUS Magazine

Awards of merit: “Phasing Out Copper Bottom Paint,” by Jim Carrier, Cruising World; “The Critters Below,” by Martha LeGrand, Chesapeake Bay; and “SOS — Save Our Seas,” by Jeni Bone, Ultimate Boating & Lifestyle


1st, “Miami Vice,” by Pete McDonald, The Drake

2nd, “Find the Churn, Find the Fish,” by John Page Williams, Chesapeake Bay

3rd, “Gold Rush,” by Lenny Rudow, Saltwater Sportsman

Awards of merit: “The Big One That Didn't Get Away,” by Jim Flannery, Soundings; and “Fishing Gone Wild,” by Doug Olander, Sport Fishing

Boating Issues, News and Analysis

1st, “Magnificence Reborn,” by Chris Caswell, Yachting

2nd, “Florida Feuding: Don't Drop the Hook in My Backyard,” by Jim Flannery, Soundings

3rd, “Alcohol & Boat Engines, Is There Another Way?” by Ryck Lydecker, BoatUS Magazine

Award of merit: “Don't Get Lured into a Deal That’s Too Good,” by Caroline Ajootian, BoatUS Magazine

The Business of Boating

1st, “Machined Solutions,” by Chris Caswell, Professional Boatbuilder

2nd, “Ready and Waiting,” by Michael Verdon, International Boat Industry

3rd, “Morgan Huntley, 31, Vanquish Boats,” by Richard Armstrong, Soundings Trade Only

Awards of merit: “Exporting to a Changing World,” by Reagan Haynes, Soundings Trade Only; and “Car Loans Easier To Get — Boats Next?” by Jim Flannery, Soundings Trade Only

Seamanship, Rescue & Safety

1st, “Don't Shortcut The Learning Curve,” by Tom Neale, Soundings

2nd, “Stack the Deck to Survive,” by Beth Leonard, Cruising World

3rd, “Heavy Weather Sailing: Remembering Hurricane Mitch,” by Charles Doane,

Award of merit: “When the Stick Comes Down,” by Patrick Childress, Cruising World

Technical Writing

1st, "Broadband Affordability," by Gram Schweikert, Cruising World

2nd, "Onboard Entertainment: The Digital Files Converge," by Ben Ellison, Cruising World

3rd, "Back Cove: A Study in Resin Infusion," by Eric Sorensen, Soundings

Awards of merit: “Corrosion 101,” by Lenny Rudow, Texas Fish & Game; “Are Carbon Nanotubes Coming to a Yacht Near You?” by Roger Marshall, The Megayachts 2012; “Clearly Sensational,” by Marilyn Mower, The Megayachts 2012; and “Secret Surveyor,” by David Seidman, Boating

Boat Tests

1st, “Fire in the Belly,” by Dudley Dawson, Yachting

2nd, “Mama Mia,” by Chris Caswell, Yachting

3rd, “Sea Trial: Tiara 4500 Sovran,” by Alan Jones, Sea magazine

Award of merit: “Catalina 355: Thoughtful Design,” by Tim Murphy, Cruising World


1st, “Expedition Yachts: A Journey,” by Mark Masciarotte, The Megayachts 2012

2nd, “Motoryacht Boundless,” by Lisa Overing and Rebecca Cahilly, ShowBoats International

3rd, “Guiding Light,” by Alyssa Haak, Power & Motoryacht

Awards of merit: “Carpe Diem,” by Rebecca Cahilly, ShowBoats International; and “Calliope,” by Kim Kavin, Yachting

Original Online Content

1st, — The Marine Electronics Weblog, by Ben Ellison

2nd, reports, podcasts and videos, by Stuart Streuli

3rd,, by Bill Bishop

Awards of merit:, by Tom Richardson; and the NOOD Regatta Series on, by Michael Lovett

Click here for the complete list of winners.



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