Michigan dealership looking at $1 million expansion

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Michigan-based Torresen Marine is planning a major expansion as the dealership transitions to the next generation of ownership.

Founded by Gordon Torresen in 1965, the family business has grown to not only handle sailboat repair and storage, but it has begun handling some of the largest racing sailboats on the Great Lakes, according to an article in the Muskegon Chronicle.

Ownership is transitioning from Gordon and Joanne Torresen to son Brian and daughter Kathleen. The family has plans to expand the scope of the boatyard business to more than just sailboats.

The company has applied for a U.S. Maritime Administration grant to assist small shipyards with new development. The $1 million project would expand the marina and boatyard to serve boats up to 100 tons and nearly 100 feet, the newspaper reports. Currently, the Torresen boat well and Travelift can serve boats to 60 tons and 70 feet.

Increasing the size of the boats it can service is one of the expansion plans the family is contemplating. Brian Torresen told the newspaper they also are exploring the placement of 24,000 square feet of solar panels on the boat storage and maintenance facility.

Through a program with a solar panel producer and a public utility, Torresen's roof could produce enough electricity to operate all of its facilities and have excess power to sell back to utilities on the electrical grid, Torresen said.

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