Minor Offshore changes name to Sargo

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The Finnish-built, all-weather sport utility boats sold under the Minor Offshore brand will now carry the name Sargo.

The new name was launched Monday at the Finnboat Floating Show before the international press in Nauvo.

The global boat business has substantially grown over the years, and so has the size of the sport utility boats built by Sarins Båtar Oy Ab, the manufacturer said in a statement. That is why the family-run company, based in Kokkola on Finland's west coast, has decided to leave its former brand name behind.

Sargo conveys a fresh new brand promise better suited to the successful family company's ever-growing international market, yet still firmly based on its successful, long-standing and rock-solid tradition, the company said.

“Sargo links our past to the future. The new name transforms decades of accumulated know-how to our well-grounded visions of the future of environmentally responsible pleasure boating,” the company's retired founder Edy Sarin said at the announcement.

The new name has more than one meaning: it links the family name, Sarin, with the verb “to go.” As a more maritime explanation, Sargo also refers to a fish, known as Diplodus Sargus in Latin, that lives in the Mediterranean, the eastern Atlantic Ocean and western parts of the Indian Ocean.

“The core of our brand has always stood for an all-season boat made in Finland for serious boaters, whether professional or pleasure — a sport utility boat that is made to last, to provide excellent performance characteristics even in demanding conditions, and to give true value for the money,” CEO Thomas Sarin said. “With our new brand we are even better prepared for the upcoming export campaigns for the international market.”


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