Mixed news for boat sales in September


Fiberglass boats in the popular 14- to 30-foot market saw significant improvement in preliminary numbers for September.

Unusually high registration volume from California in September helped push the national decline below 20 percent, to a dip of 16.5 percent.

Aluminum boats sales fell in the month by 25.8percent. This drop seemed extreme compared to the lower declines posted in the fiberglass market.

The rate of decline for PWC increased compared to last month, posting a drop of 21.1 percent in September.

These statistics include28 early reporting states that represent approximately 64 percent of the national market.

Retail sales for new boats in September appeared in scattered pockets across the country. Liquidations and aggressive pricing have made the registration feedback appear erratic in early reporting states as dealers scramble to improve liquidity before moving into the fourth quarter.

— Aarn D. Rosen

National marine sales manager


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