MOB Alarm Systems

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The wireless MOBi-lert 720i, 7200 and 7600 Man Overboard (MOB) Alarm Systems, from Guilford, Conn.-based Mobilarm, provide automatic alerts and GPS track-back recovery information in man-overboard events.

The systems require each crew member to wear a small, rechargeable personal MOBi-lert pendant which, if disconnected from the network through either submersion in water or distance from the network, will set off a system alert. Unlike traditional marine safety solutions such as EPIRBs (which typically must be manually activated by the person in distress) MOBi-lert is fully automatic. And while an EPIRB transmits the emergency signal to an onshore location, MOBi-lert immediately alerts crew members onboard the vessel, according to the company. MOBi-lert can be connected directly to an existing GPS or plotter to provide track-back information. Alternatively, MOBi-lert Management Console on the 7600 series, with its own GPS antenna, can be used to obtain track-back information. All models interface with National Marine Electronics Association 0183-compatible devices. Variable power supply enables use with 12- or 24-volt systems. Suggested retail prices are $850-$900 for the MOBi-lert 720i and $1,500 for the MOBi-lert 7200 and 7600. Visit