MRAA announces personnel move

Bob McCann was named lead consultant of the MRAA Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program.
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Bob McCann

Bob McCann

Bob McCann was named lead consultant of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program.

“We are incredibly excited to have Bob aboard as we continue to evolve the MICD Program,” MRAA president Matt Gruhn said in a statement. “We expect that his impact will be felt immediately and that he’ll bring great value to the program and the growing number of dealers who participate in it.”

McCann comes to the MRAA after more than 22 years at Channel Blade Technologies and ARI Network Services, where he oversaw web-based training platforms, piloted retail consulting operations and helped develop platforms such as TIPS and FootSteps.

“Joining the MRAA team feels like a natural fit for me, and I have already been inspired by their multipronged approach to improving our industry,” McCann said. “I expect big things in the near future, and being part of this bright, talented team will open new doors for all parties — particularly MRAA members currently enrolled in the certification program.”


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