MRAA member service processes warranty reimbursements

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Membership in the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas now gives members access to MarineLab, which provides a way to process manufacturer warranty reimbursements.

MarineLab, which is available solely to MRAA members, seeks to help dealers of boats, motors, trailers and marine components and accessories increase warranty revenue at the dealership.

The service allows retailers to maintain a fixed cost for warranty processing rather than rely on in-house staff. Dealers pay a percentage of paid claims in a given month for the MarineLab service.

MarineLab is run by 35-year marine industry veteran John Lerma, a longtime service manager with a major retail marine outfit in Minnesota.

“There’s no denying that warranty is a potential profit center for many dealerships; yet it’s hard to find the manpower and the time —particularly during boating season —to process, file and keep track of manufacturer claims,” MRAA benefits director Sonja Moseley said in a statement.

“The beauty of MarineLab is that for a reasonably low cost, dealers can simply hand over the warranty reins to experts whose job it is to exclusively focus on this type of work,”Moseley said. “Dealers basically ‘set it and forget it.’Gone are the days of dedicating an individual in your service department, or even your service department manager, to handling warranty claims; MarineLab does it all for you, and you only pay them for the claims that are paid by the manufacturer.”