MRAA releases accountability guide

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The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas released the MRAA Guide to Building a Culture of Accountability — a digital publication that was developed in response to dealer survey results showing that holding employees accountable is one of the biggest challenges for management.

The 13-page educational resource seeks to give dealers the fundamentals of developing a culture in which employees are held accountable for fulfilling their responsibilities and meeting their goals.

“Accountability is like many other areas within the dealership,” said MRAA education specialist Liz Keener in a statement. “The most significant results often come from mastering the basics. In the case of accountability, the basics involve setting clear expectations for your team members.”

The guide, which is made possible by the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program, was designed to complement the third quarter 2018 Continuous Certification course “How to Create a High Accountability Dealership” by John Spence.

The program helps dealers set clear expectations, such as job descriptions, an employee handbook, an employee satisfaction survey, and process maps.

“In his course, John makes it clear that lack of accountability is a barrier to success in businesses of all sizes and shapes,” said Keener. “We’re excited to be able to offer a resource to the dealer community that can have such a significant impact on their results.”

The Guide to Building a Culture of Accountability is available to MRAA members at and to Certified Dealers at within the 2018 Continuous Certification Curriculum.


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