MRAA revises its retail membership structure

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The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas said today that it has launched an all-new retail membership structure in an effort to better serve today’s boat dealers.

The Bronze member level is the MRAA’s standard membership. It includes access to numerous member benefits and allows for the purchase of products and services on an a-la-carte basis.

At the Silver member level, the MRAA has included access to its growing catalog of educational programs at, giving dealers direct access to nearly 100 courses for the member location’s entire staff.

Gold members will have access to the member benefits and the course catalog, in addition to MRAA custom publications and the all-new Continuous Certification program. Dealers must be previously certified in order to access the Gold-level membership.

“This new membership structure mirrors the way that dealers move through their MRAA engagement,” Nikki Duffney, membership and benefits specialist at the MRAA, said in a statement.

“The path they follow typically engages them first with a membership; then it drives a performance increase with education and training programs; and finally, it helps guide them to become industry-leading dealers through the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program,” Duffney added. “We’re excited to roll out this program to offer today’s dealers a visible path to becoming the best that they can be.”

“Over the course of the last six years our MRAA team has created immense value by introducing numerous programs and services for our members and the industry at large,” said Matt Gruhn, president of the MRAA.

“We’ve more than doubled the benefits we offer; expanded our annual conference; brought dealership certification in house; launched workforce assessment and compensation studies; created a full-featured career center; introduced a robust online learning system; increased the number of resources we have to offer; and much, much more,” Gruhn added.

“This new structure was driven by our board of directors, and we’re excited to roll it out and offer all-inclusive memberships that appeal to different types of dealers,” he said.

A full perspective on the new membership tiers can be viewed here.


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