MRAA wants members to fight health care bill

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The Marine Retailers Association of America is urging its members to contact their congressional representatives and tell them they want Congress to "start over on health care reform and work on a true bipartisan basis to write a health care plan that is wanted by America."

The House leadership is in the final days to push a health care bill through the House of Representatives. A tentative date of March 18 has been set in the House. On this date, the House Democratic leadership will attempt to first approve the already-passed Senate bill, which clears the path for President Obama to sign comprehensive health care reform into law, the MRAA said.

Then using a legislative procedure called reconciliation, the House will vote on a second bill that makes changes to the Senate bill. It is unclear what those changes will be at this time, according to the MRAA.

"MRAA supports the need for health care reform, but strongly opposes the bills before the Congress. MRAA believes the bills will: increase health care costs; increase health care premiums for small business and individuals as up to 40 million uninsured Americans come into the system; increase taxes to cover the increased costs and increased government involvement."

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