NASA, R.I. marine company collaborate on life rafts

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In the December 2009 edition of its Spinoff publication, NASA describes its partnership with Givens Marine Survival of Tiverton, R.I., in creating the life raft used to retrieve astronauts who landed at sea.

The NASA-designed life raft is hydrodynamically stabilized and virtually impossible to capsize even in the strongest winds and seas.

The article also highlights:

* How the demands of retrieving astronauts at sea led to the development of the unique NASA design

* Description of the special stability and self-righting features of the raft

* The rigorous Coast Guard wind and wave tests given the Givens Buoy Life Raft

* The story of four sailors who survived a hurricane and 190 knot winds for more than 42 hours in a Givens Buoy Life Raft.

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