National Fisherman editor blasts catch-share editorial


A New York Times editorial misrepresented catch share programs, according to National Fisherman editor-in-chief Jessica Hathaway.

Hathaway wrote a rebuttal in the Gloucester (Mass.) Times to the editorial, saying it was “so full of errors and slights on hardworking commercial fishermen that I could not contain my irritation.”

“This editorial does not seem to have been written by anyone who has spent any time with East Coast fishermen, which seems odd for a paper based in New York,” Hathaway wrote.

The editorial heralds catch shares for saving summer flounder and Northeast haddock, which were healthy and rebounding long before catch share management was in place, Hathaway wrote.

“Catch shares do not affect the science with which we analyze fishery biomass,” Hathaway wrote. “They do not affect the maximum sustainable yield or fishing quotas. It is merely a scheme that enables managers to assign the quotas to certain fishermen, groups of fishermen or other private entities.”

Click here to read Hathaway’s rebuttal.

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