National Hurricane Center monitoring disturbance near the Bahamas

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The National Hurricane Center is watching a weather system over the northwest Bahamas and adjacent waters. The rain and thunderstorms are associated with a trough of low pressure, and conditions are expected to be “marginally conducive for development during the next couple of days while the trough moves west-northwestward to northwestward at around 15 mph,” the center said in a statement.

If development doesn’t happen in the next day or so, additional development is not expected because of the presence of strong upper-level winds. The NHC estimates formation chances through 48 hours and through the next five days at no more than 30 percent.


Fine-tuning the pontoon

The new Waketoon combines a pontoon and wakesurfing hull design. “It lets the older generation have their pontoon, but the kids can have fun,” said Jim Wolf, president of Avalon Manufacturing.