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New Alaskan Yachts trawlers unveiled

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The Alaskan Mark II series is designed for owner-operators who want to cruise long distances.

The Alaskan Mark II series is designed for owner-operators who want to cruise long distances.

Seattle Yachts has introduced a new line of trawlers, the Alaskan Mark II series. The new boats have a semi-displacement hull form that can operate at higher speeds for shorter trips and retain slow-speed fuel efficiency for long-range cruising.

The manufacturer is focusing on key characteristics including a low profile that yields a lower a lower center of gravity for improved stability. To reduce draft, the hulls have partial propeller tunnels.

The boats will be built with solid-fiberglass bottoms and double-reinforcing along the keel, forefoot and stem. They will have anti-collision watertight bulkheads forward, double areas of reinforcement around the rudders and shaft struts and hull-to-maindeck and house-to-deck joints bonded with adhesive and mechanical fasteners.

Seattle Yachts says the navigational beam of the new models is 12 percent greater than on previous designs. For example, the old 66 had a maximum beam of approximately 17 feet, four inches, while the new 66 Mark II measures 19 feet, six inches. This improves interior space and accommodations.

The 66 Mark II is available in flush deck and raised pilothouse models. Tooling for the first 66 Mark II is expected before the end of the second quarter of 2018 and the manufacturer hopes to deliver the first model by end of summer 2019. Seattle Yachts is also developing preliminary plans for a 55-foot pocket trawler.


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