New owners at TowBoatU.S. location in Michigan

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Capt. Jeff Moore and his brother, Capt. Jimmy Moore, purchased TowBoatU.S. Sand Point, based in Caseville, Mich., from Capt. Gary Poirier.

This is the brothers' second TowBoatU.S. location. They purchased TowBoatU.S. Port Austin last summer. Joining the brothers is Jimmy's wife, Capt. Sara Moore. All three are licensed by the Coast Guard.

The Moore brothers, second-generation mariners, grew up on the water and spent time helping their father in the salvage and maritime services business. Jimmy and Sara also are former merchant mariners, and Jeff has years of experience operating side-scan sonar, as well as diving and documenting Lake Huron shipwrecks.

In the offseason, Jeff is an independent systems consultant. Jimmy sells and installs docks and hoists and runs welding and metal fabrication services for the family's other local business, Bay Marine Salvage.


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