New TV series to follow family's cruising adventure


A new television series featuring the boating lifestyle will begin shooting this summer.

“Life Uncharted,” with the subtitle “Home is a boat, and the backyard changes every day,” is a 13-episode travel-adventure series about a family’s passage from Maine to the Bahamas.

“Life Uncharted” is produced by Jeffrey A. Cox and Cindy Wallach, of Philadelphia-based No Joke Productions, in association with Beverly Hills- and London-based Shankly Productions. Both produce travel-adventure programming airing on major cable networks worldwide, reaching more than 339 million households, according to No Joke Productions.

“The show emphasizes real-life boating,” said Cox, executive producer at No Joke Productions and an avid boater. “We are presenting recreational boating in its natural form, on the water, focusing on the life-changing experiences and extraordinary passion that only boating can bring.”

The television production will offer product-placement opportunities, imbedding items in the show, said Cox.

“Once a product is part of a television show, it’s there forever, traveling well beyond its cost, which is similar to print ads,” said Cox, adding this is possible, “simply because we don’t pay for air time like a TV spot. The networks pay us for a quality television show. It’s not advertising; it’s entertainment, the best kind of marketing, a unique win for everyone.”

The show is currently in preproduction, and shooting is set to begin next summer.

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