New York company receives hull-coating grant

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Greenfield Manufacturing Inc., a chemical manufacturing company in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., recently received $183,000 in New York State Energy Research and Development Authority funding to help commercialize and deploy a high-tech hull coating that can improve boat engine efficiency by reducing friction, the company said.

The company matched the authority’s investment.

HullSpeed High Performance Coatings, a division of Greenfield, produces eco-friendly alternatives to marine paints and coatings.

HullSpeed is involved in an Environmental Protection Agency study in San Diego Harbor to determine the effectiveness of alternative, environmentally friendly marine paints and coatings. The company is also involved in a perpetual growth study in Punta Gorda, Fla., as well as many other test and development sites.

“HullSpeed is an excellent example of one kind of manufacturing company that [the development authority] is interested in supporting — a firm that is exploring new ways to gain energy efficiency,” Francis Murray Jr., president and chief executive of the authority, said in a statement. “[The development authority] is proud to help HullSpeed bring its unique, energy-saving product to market.”