NMEA to develop British electronics standards

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The National Marine Electronics Association, in conjunction with the International Marine Electronics Association, signed an agreement with the British Marine Federation and the British Marine Electronics Association to jointly develop international criteria for technicians that will ensure proper application of the NMEA Installation Standard in Great Britain.

The NMEA developed the Installation Standard, which is formally called NMEA 0400, to provide a methodology that yields consistent and professional results in the installation of marine electronics.

The voluntary guidelines are published to aid electronics installers, technicians, electricians, surveyors, owners and others who install, service or modify the installation of electronics, electrical systems or other associated peripherals.

"This agreement is the culmination of discussions that go back at least two years," NMEA president and executive director David Hayden said in a statement. "Our goal is to ensure that the Installation Standard is used properly in the U.K. by establishing qualifications for the technicians who will use it. The result will be equipment and networks that perform at the highest level possible, adding value and an extra margin of safety for vessel owners."

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