NMEA working with Korean electronics industry

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The National Marine Electronics Association and the Marine Electronics Industry Promotion Association of South Korea have signed a memorandum of understanding that will ensure the adoption of NMEA standards, training and product certification throughout South Korea.

"NMEA's standards, training and certification have been recognized as world-leading for optimum, reliable networking, installation and service of marine electronics for some time," said Steve Spitzer, NMEA technical director, in a statement.

"However, the NMEA-MEIPA agreement signifies that the process of international adoption and implementation is now in full swing," he said. "This is a very beneficial agreement for both organizations. We at the NMEA could not be more pleased that we are partnering with the world's No. 1 shipbuilding nation and one of the up-and-coming builders of recreational boats."

The memorandum sets a framework for NMEA and MEIPA to work together to develop courses and materials for the South Korean market, including a suite of electronics installer education qualifications based on the current NMEA standard.

This educational program will upgrade the competency of the installer in South Korea. NMEA has trained more than 1,000 technicians in the United States using this system.

The agreement covers the following NMEA programs and products:

  • Marine Electronics Installer course
  • Advanced Marine Installer course
  • NMEA 2000 Standard Network course
  • Certified Marine Electronics Technician

The agreement also calls upon the two organizations to work together to ensure the NMEA installation standard is well-adapted for South Korean maritime interests.