NMMA at odds with Obama’s ocean policy board


The National Marine Manufacturers Association recently submitted comments expressing concern with a number of recommendations outlined by the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force in its interim framework.

President Barack Obama created the task force last summer to develop a new national policy to govern oceans, coasts and the Great Lakes.

The NMMA, apprehensive about a number of specific recommendations, also is encouraging the task force to support local and regional efforts in lieu of creating a new ocean governance superstructure with suspect or vaguely-defined legal authorities.

Read NMMA and its partners' full comments here.

The Personal Watercraft Industry Association also submitted comments, which can be read here.

In other news, the NMMA opposes a bill introduced in the Iowa state senate that requires that state gas stations sell only ethanol-blended fuel except for certain qualified vehicles, including boats and other non-road engines.

The bill also establishes new labeling requirements and tax incentives for fuel stations that sell mid-level blends and utilize blender pumps.

Despite the exemption on boats and non-road engines, the requirement encourages the sale of higher ethanol gas and discourages the sale of lower or no ethanol blends, complicating and reducing consumer choice, the NMMA says.