NMMA Canada president’s op-ed focuses on need for recycling

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The Hill Times, one of Canada’s most influential political newspapers, published an op-ed by National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada president Sara Anghel, which touched on Canada’s need for solid recycling solutions for boats and the industry’s breadth nationwide.

There has been more attention lately on how to deal with abandoned vessels in Canada, according to the NMMA.

The solution to clean up these boats and avoid problems is not simple, wrote Anghel in the op-ed.

“Although the vast majority of boat owners care about the environment and are responsible owners, their options to dispose of their vessels are limited,” Anghel wrote (page 13). “A strong and enforceable licensing program providing accurate data on ownership and registration is a good start in addressing the issue.

“As Canada’s leading association representing the recreational boating industry… we are committed to a healthy environment and want our waterways clean and free for Canadians to enjoy,” she said. “The federal government is working to find a solution to abandoned and wrecked vessels. We are happy to see this; it’s long overdue.”


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