NMMA hires new firm for CSI research

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association hired the Avala Marketing Group to help manufacturers measure customer feedback and satisfaction.

For all manufacturers using the current platform and process, there will be no price increase. For manufacturers on the older technology, Avala will migrate them at a cost less than previously communicated. And lastly, for existing and new manufacturers, Avala will be offering additional options with variable price points that allow marine companies to pick the platform and price that fits their budget.

“In evaluating the effectiveness of our CSI program and monitoring shifts in customer satisfaction industry demands, we recognized a need for something more nimble that would allow manufacturers to have the option to create a customizable program that reflects their individual business,” NMMA president Thom Dammrich said in a statement. “Avala brings capabilities that make it possible for us to take a more market-driven approach and work with manufacturers to essentially build their own program within the CSI framework.”

The expanded program will include:

• Four options of survey process and type, including a Net Promoter Score option and a customization option

• Multiple pricing platforms featuring a la carte options that allow manufacturers to choose the proper price-versus-value relationship

• New technology reporting platforms, including an NPS platform and a mobile/tablet option

• Integration of positive customer satisfaction comments with a brand’s social media outlets

•Manufacturer’s support tools, including monthly CSI newsletters and blog content outlining best practices in customer satisfaction; a customer satisfaction business analysis presentation showing the impact of CSI promotional boat videos for award earners; dealership POP; and additional and optional customer satisfaction services offered at a discounted price to NMMA members

• An aggressive industry marketing and PR plan to increase the amount of awareness and participation in the program

• Stronger integration with industry promotion efforts, NMMA certification and other NMMA programs that impact a business

• Strategic support for manufacturers and functional support for program administrators

“In addition to expanding the program’s offerings we’ll work with manufacturers to explore the possibility of voluntary customer satisfaction data sharing, as we understand that’s a desirable, if often challenging component of any CSI program,” Avala CEO Steve Pizzolato said in a statement. “What’s great is that overall the NMMA Marine Industry CSI program, with Avala’s platform, process and pricing options, creates a program that will fit any manufacturer’s needs, whether producing 25 units or 2,500 units.”

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