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NMMA opposes Louisiana proposal on trade shows

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The Louisiana New Motor Vehicle Commission has proposed changes to its trade show exhibitor rules, under which out-of-state exhibitors would not be allowed to participate in recreational product trade shows even when no in-state exhibitor is available, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported.

Under previous rules established in 2007, an out-of-state exhibitor could participate in Louisiana trade shows as long as no in-state dealer reserved space at the show.

NMMA has submitted comments to the commission opposing the proposed rule, citing basic grounds of equity, fair dealing, and consumer choice.

“The recreational boating industry is keenly interested in providing consumers the greatest access to our products. The onerous burdens on marine manufacturers already in Louisiana law have created an unfavorable business climate, so much so that popular brands have been withdrawn from the state by manufacturers unable to accept the increased risk and regulatory burdens imposed by Louisiana, which are the most protective and onerous in the United States,” the NMMA wrote in its letter.

“This business climate has deprived citizens of the breadth of choice considered to be the norm in all 49 other states,” the association added. “This proposal would further limit consumer choice by preventing out-of-state exhibitors from offering their products for sale at Louisiana trade shows. By completely eliminating a process for out-of-state exhibitors to gain approval by the commission to exhibit, this proposal would narrow the market of available products and reduces robust competition, necessary for a free marketplace.”

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