NMMA plans broader role in superyacht industry

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association is increasing its involvement in the superyacht industry, particularly in the export market.

NMMA president Thom Dammrich, boat shows vice president Cathy Rick-Joule and export development director Julie Balzano will attend the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show this month to broaden the NMMA’s visibility, establish collaborative relationships with global associations and companies and learn more about how the large yacht market operates. The Monaco show will be held Sept. 25-28.

“NMMA has long been involved with large yacht initiatives, particularly as they concern global regulations, policy practices of international governance from ICOMIA and IMO, as well as ISO standards that impact our members,” Dammrich said in a statement. “The time has come to strengthen our efforts in the sector.”

The NMMA is also looking to strengthen its strategic and marketing relationships for the benefit of export-driven manufacturing members.

“The exporting goals of many of our members already include a focus on the superyacht industry. As we continue to support and position NMMA members on the global stage, it’s critical that we embrace the very marketplace they are targeting to ensure we maximize potential for our membership,” Balzano said in a statement.

A working member of the superyacht industry’s Global Associations Alliance, the NMMA has already established its collaborative spirit with the superyacht industry’s international organizations through attendance at the alliance’s last three meetings and hosting the Global Associations Alliance Breakfast in February at the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show.

“We are happy to report strong interest from international companies and trade associations regarding NMMA’s ability to manage superyacht shows. We believe attendance at the Monaco Yacht Show will give us a sense of European flair and an eyeful of logistical background for managing yachts from 80 to 400 feet as we consider how to best meet any emerging need for our expertise in the U.S. market.”

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