NMMA promotes certified dealers at boat shows

The NMMA helped promote certified dealers with a series of ads that appeared in the NMMA’s boat show guides for 18 shows.
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The National Marine Manufacturers Association supported Marine Industry Certified Dealerships during boat show season by giving certified dealers promotional opportunities at NMMA boat shows.

The estimated value of 2014-15 contributions is about $120,000 and the NMMA plans to continue its support of certified dealers during the coming boat show season.

During the 2014-15 boat show season, the NMMA helped promote certified dealers with a series of ads that appeared in the NMMA’s boat show guides for 18 boat shows. The ads listed the names of certified dealers in the local show area, so show-goers easily could identify the ones nearest them.

"NMMA boat shows are the premier consumer recreational boating sales and marketing events in key markets throughout the United States, and it’s incredible to have this kind of support and solidarity for the program,” certified dealer program director Sonja Moseley said in a statement. "Boat shows represent an important venue by which a potential boat buyer could locate a certified dealer. The advertisements help draw attention to the benefits of buying a boat from a certified dealer, which are underscored by the fact that certified dealers, on average, score higher in CSI surveys than non-certified dealers.”

In addition to the advertising opportunities in its show guides, the NMMA supported the MICD program through editorial content in consumer exhibitor newsletters that ran throughout last year, helping to communicate the value of the program to a broader audience.

"NMMA sees the value in promoting certified dealers through its boat show advertising and marketing, and we wanted to do what we could to support MICD program efforts and espouse its value to consumers,” NMMA vice president of boat shows Cathy Rick-Joule said. "Ultimately we want consumers who visit our shows to have an exceptional experience at the retail level, and the MICD program helps dealers not only meet, but consistently exceed customer expectations.”


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