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NMMA ranks ethanol fight among top 'wins'

The National Marine Manufacturers Association is touting a long list of marine industry wins in 2015.
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The National Marine Manufacturers Association is touting a long list of marine industry wins in 2015 — accomplished with the support of the entire industry and other trade groups — that includes further opposition to laws requiring additional ethanol in the fuel supply, recreational boat travel to Cuba and the raising of more than $131,000 for the BoatPAC.

The top accomplishment the NMMA listed was that member testimony and thousands of public comments led to the introduction of nine pieces of new legislation calling for reform of the Renewable Fuel Standard — the legislation dictating the amount of ethanol that is blended into the overall fuel supply.

The NMMA said the effort also led to a letter from 184 elected officials urging the Environmental Protection Agency to take action and an EPA ruling that set renewable-fuel volumes at levels lower than the legal requirements.

Listed second was the reauthorization of a $600 million Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust fund as part of the federal highway transportation bill for five years.

The trade group also lauded a finalized Trans Pacific Partnership agreement among 12 Pacific rim countries that achieved lower tariffs for recreational vessels, streamlined standards processes and higher regulatory protections.

Click here for the full 20-item list.

“While this list is long, there’s still more to be done,” the NMMA said in its newsletter, adding that 2016 is a major election year. “Please keep your eyes open for more information soon on the 2016 Election Center.”


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