NMMA readies for in-water events at political conventions

The National Marine Manufacturers Association will host a “Day on the Water” event at both conventions.

In one of the most memorable national elections in years, recreational boating will take a seat at the table as Republicans and Democrats seek to confirm their presidential nominees and prepare for the fall campaign.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association will host a “Day on the Water” event at both conventions, providing leaders in the recreational boating industry with a unique opportunity to meet with delegates, elected officials and industry stakeholders to tell the marine industry’s distinctive American story.

“These events provide a great opportunity to unite and educate members of Congress and elected officials on policies that affect the recreational boating industry in America and how their decisions directly impact maritime businesses,” NMMA federal and legal affairs vice president Nicole Vasilaros said in a statement.

“Boating is not only a popular American pastime, but a significant economic driver for the U.S. The recreational boating industry supports thousands of businesses and jobs and generates millions of American-made products throughout our country.”

The NMMA plans to discuss the history of recreational boating as one of America’s oldest and favorite pastimes, safety and advocacy, and the economic impact of the industry.

It also plans to discuss how small boating businesses make a large local impact, tapping several successful businesses to weigh in, including Yamaha, Correct Craft, Regulator, Catawba Moorings for the Cleveland convention, and Sureshade in Philadelphia.

“The boating industry is a vital economic driver, not only for coastal communities, but for the nation as a whole,” Yamaha Marine Group government relations manager Martin Peters said.

“For example, Yamaha has facilities dedicated to the production, testing and selling of boating products in Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, Missouri and Alabama. Furthermore, we have a network of 2,000 dealers nationwide, represented in all 50 states. These products support hundreds of thousands of jobs and touch millions of consumers, all of whom look to politicians on both sides of the aisle to support and defend this great American pastime.”

The Republican National Convention will be held July 18- 21 in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention is set for July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

The NMMA will host a two-day reception on July 20 and 21 during the Republican convention in partnership with the Lake Erie Marine Trades Association, followed by a day on the water on July 26 at the Democratic convention.

Guests will have the opportunity to tour boats manufactured in the United States, experience ride-alongs and demonstrations, and meet industry and local leaders who will share firsthand knowledge of the boating industry’s economic value.