NMMA reports rise in powerboat registrations

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Jet boats led the growth in registrations.

Jet boats led the growth in registrations.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association said today that new powerboat registrations were up 5 percent year over year for the rolling 12-month period through June.

Nearly all segments were up. Growth in registrations was led by jet boats, which were up 10.9 percent; tow boats, up 8 percent; saltwater fishing boats, up 7.9 percent; pontoon boats, up 7.8 percent; and personal watercraft, up 7.1 percent, the NMMA reported.

Outboard boats, which represent 65 percent of total new powerboat sales, were up 4.9 percent in registrations.

Boats 27 feet and larger were up 8.4 percent.


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