NMMA seeks industry support for Trans-Pacific trade deal

The NMMA said it is critical that Congress understands the importance of the TPP to the future growth of trade.
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The National Marine Manufacturers Association said the U.S. Coalition for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a diverse group of U.S. companies and associations representing the principal sectors of the country’s economy, is collecting signatures for a joint sign-on letter urging support for the TPP.

The NMMA said it is critical that Congress understands the importance of the TPP to the future growth of trade, jobs, prosperity and competitiveness of the United States.

The letter will be delivered to all members of Congress this fall. NMMA member manufacturers are encouraged to add their company support of TPP to put added pressure on Congress to ratify TPP during its lame-duck session.

The NMMA said the TPP would have these benefits for the boating industry:

  • Establishes a regulatory coherence committee to implement good regulatory practices, state coordination and transparency.
  • Reduces technical barriers to trade through new obligations of transparency and greater stakeholder engagement.
  • The elimination of tariffs on U.S.-made recreational transportation products (boats and RVs) in Japan and New Zealand will enhance the competitiveness of U.S. products in those high-income markets.
  • The elimination of tariffs on recreational transportation products in Malaysia and Vietnam (which apply tariffs as high as 70 percent) will provide U.S. producers greater access to the growing middle class in those markets.

This letter is open to all businesses/corporations, business associations, state and local chambers and allied organizations. The NMMA is urging marine businesses that have not signed letters of support to do so.

Organizations that signed previous coalition letters in support of TPP will be added to the current letter.


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