NMMA supports nomination of new EPA administrator

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association is urging Congress to confirm Environmental Protection Agency acting administrator Andrew Wheeler as administrator of the agency as soon as possible.

The NMMA’s senior vice presidents of government relations and legal affairs, Nicole Vasilaros, and environmental health and safety compliance, John McKnight, sent a letter to Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. In the letter, they said that Wheeler’s confirmation would “provide the American people and business community with more certainty and confidence in the agency’s ability to continue meeting its missions of protecting human health and the environment.”

The association has worked with Wheeler to improve marine engine emissions and on Clean Air Act regulations. The letter said that NMMA is still concerned about the EPA’s actions to increase the volume of ethanol in the fuel supply, but it is hopeful that the agency will implement consumer education programs and protection measures.

The letter called Wheeler “a fair broker” who balances the needs of business and environmental community to ensure protection for air and water resources while mitigating business impacts.