NMMA urges responses for Coast Guard survey

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association is urging mariners to respond to a federal request for input on marine navigation in connection with the government’s effort to modernize navigation services to keep pace with technology.

During the last few decades, rapid development, reliability and availability of e-navigation components such as the Global Positioning System and electronic chart display and information systems has fundamentally changed mariners’ reliance on traditional navigation services.

The changes have presented the federal government with an opportunity to modernize navigation services to the mariner and optimize current aids to navigation, other marine information systems and marine charting.

The Marine Transportation System, the Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Army Corps of Engineers are inviting the industry to share its comments and feedback regarding companies’ requirements for emerging needs for navigational information and service delivery systems in an “eNAV” environment.

The survey seeks to help advance marine navigation.