NMTA offers free vacation for membership sign-up

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As part of the group's annual membership drive, every new marine business that joins the Northwest Marine Trade Association in April will earn a one-night stay at Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island, Wash., one of the region's premier boating and vacation destinations.

As an incentive, any current NMTA member who signs up a new member will earn the same complimentary stay at the resort.

To sweeten the deal, Kenmore Air, the region's largest fleet of seaplanes, is offering to fly the first 10 new and referring members to Roche Harbor.

"Roche Harbor Resort is a world-class destination and we are thrilled to partner with them for our annual April membership drive," said John Thorburn, NMTA's director of communications and marketing, in a statement. "There is no better time to become an NMTA member. The promotion with Roche Harbor Resort is just the icing on the cake for the valuable benefits we provide to the industry"

NMTA has its own Grow Boating Fund, which has spent more than $1 million to promote boating and the business of its members since the association first developed its own fund in 2003.

The latest promotion created from NMTA's Grow Boating program is a year-round virtual boat show on the trade group's Seattle Boat Show Web site. NMTA contracted with Boats.com to provide a boat listing service where its members could list free their boats for sale on the Web site.

The new online show debuts May 1.


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