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Nordhavn owner plans aid mission for hurricane victims

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It’s been three weeks since Hurricane Odile slammed into Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, causing millions of dollars in damage and wreaking havoc.

Cleanup efforts continue as thousands of people, many of whom saw their homes demolished during the Sept. 14 storm, are still without power, water and other basic necessities.

The Category 3 hurricane made a direct hit on the popular vacation resort of Cabo San Lucas, a destination that a large number of Nordhavn owners visit. With rumors mounting of boats swept away from moorings and slips, concern at Pacific Asian Enterprises grew for the well-being of customers who frequent the town’s marinas, including Nordhavn owner Doug Jackson.

For Jackson, a resident of Newport Beach, Calif., news of the storm and its devastation hit especially close to home. The Nordhavn 76 owner berths his vessel Tortuga at Las Cabos’ IGY Marina about eight months of the year.

He was lucky that his boat was out of harm’s way, but now he’s stepping up to help those in need.

“When I put the word out about collecting donations, everyone stepped up, including a restaurant in Newport Beach and another restaurant and shoe company in Vegas,” Jackson said in a statement.

The staff of Pacific Asian Enterprises also has responded. With donations pouring in, Jackson’s boat is ready to depart on an aid mission.


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