Offshore Fishing League shows support for conservation groups

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The Offshore Fishing League is supporting the conservation efforts of two sportfishing groups, the International Game Fish Association and The Billfish Foundation.

“The Offshore Fishing League has an innate passion and deep respect for our oceans, especially the magnificent billfish species — marlin, sailfish and spearfish,” Offshore Fishing League CEO Carlos Suito said in a statement. “Every OFL competition in our circuit is catch-and-release, so we can help support the critical missions of both the IGFA and The Billfish Foundation.”

The IGFA is the sport’s institution of record-keeping and advocacy, with an international headquarters and fishing museum in Dania Beach, Fla.

The Billfish Foundation, the leader in billfish research and conservation, works worldwide to advance responsible sportfishing and billfish conservation through research (including tagging), education and advocacy.

The Offshore Fishing League’s circuit will adhere to IGFA-sanctioned rules, which are the only internationally accepted big-game fishing guidelines, and promote ethical sportfishing around the world.

“The relationship formed with the OFL will enhance The Billfish Foundation’s efforts to increase awareness of the importance of marlin and sailfish to the marine ecosystems and to related boating and sportfishing businesses,” The Billfish Foundation president Ellen Peel said. “Most people don’t know much about billfish, much less ever have the opportunity to see one in person. The OFL will help raise the awareness for billfish.”

As part of the competition score system, all Offshore Fishing League teams will be required to tag their billfish with tags provided by The Billfish Foundation. In addition, the Offshore Fishing League will provide financial support to both organizations.

“The IGFA represents sportfishing on a worldwide level,” IGFA COO Mike Myatt said. “By working with the OFL we can continue to grow responsible fishing through education and outreach.”