Ontario calls on federal government to review tariff situation

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The government of the province of Ontario is calling for the Canadian federal government to review and reconsider the adverse impacts of Canada’s counter-tariffs on the Canadian boating industry. Since July 1, Canada has levied a 10 percent duty on all new U.S.-built boats imported to Canadian boat dealers.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada and Boating Ontario supported the move by the provincial government.

In a joint statement, Sara Anghel, president of NMMA Canada, and Rick Layzell, CEO of Boating Ontario, said: “By urging the federal government to study the effects of its counter-tariffs on our country’s boating industry in its recent budget, the Ontario government demonstrated it is willing to go to bat for our industry, its business and workers. Counter-tariffs have taken a heavy toll on the Canadian boating industry.”

The statement called the tariffs “misguided” and added that they have resulted in “an unprecedented hit on the marine industry.”

NMMA Canada estimates that the boating industry generates $10 billion in revenue throughout Canada and employs 75,000 workers. Ontario reportedly accounts for 40 percent of the country’s boating industry, creating $4 billion in revenues and employing more than 30,000 Canadians.

“We thank the Ontario government for recognizing that these punitive measures are doing irreparable damage and must come to an end,” said the joint NMMA and Boating Ontario statement.