Orolia gains large order for tracking buoys


Orolia, a global specialist in critical GPS applications, was awarded a contract from Thalos SAS worth more than 1 million euros for the supply of tuna fish aggregating device tracking buoys.

Orolia said the order was placed as a result of its successful launch of the first FAD multibeam tuna tracking buoy incorporating five independent echo sounders and the signing of a new two-year exclusive agreement.

It gives Thalo SAS the rights to independently manage the FAD tuna tracking buoy software and services for its existing extensive tuna-fishing customer base and to further develop market-leading innovative enhancements and software solutions for the system.

The exclusive agreement, which started at the end of January, also will give Thalos the exclusive right to sell the software and tuna buoy into the global tuna seine fishing market.

Orolia said the new multibeam tuna buoy and onboard software gives tuna fishermen the ability to monitor fish activity under and around the fish aggregating device more constantly and accurately, providing them with the information to make more cost-effective decisions as to when to make the often long journey to revisit the FAD.

"This contract with Orolia enables Thalos to have a direct handle on the software technology and on the operations of the FAD tuna tracking system,” Thalos SAS CEO Claude Barraud said in a statement.

“Thalos is therefore ideally positioned to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the global tuna fishing market, whilst allowing customers to benefit from new and reactive in-house technical developments that were until now not possible. Thalos will, in particular, build further customer-oriented software solutions that are smoothly integrated with Orolia's tuna buoys while directly ensuring the continuous availability of the service. This contract is an important milestone in the provision by Thalos of integrated services and solutions for the global tuna fishing market."

“Future generations of fishing products will require ever greater levels of specialist technical knowledge and customer-specific solutions and services,” Orolia Group CEO Jean-Yves Courtois said in a statement. “These products will be based on further integration of different technologies and data. Thalos are already well placed within the global tuna fishing market, offering a number of unique products, solutions and services based upon integrated data solutions. It was therefore logical to give Thalos a license for our software to enable them to further develop the tuna fishing product portfolio in line with their customer’s ever-increasing requirements. Our software platform will keep being used in other applications in growing markets such as monitoring AIS infrastructures.”

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