Owner takes over two TowBoatUS locations

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A change in ownership at two TowBoatUS locations on Chesapeake Bay is giving a former employee a chance to helm his own business.

Capt. Dale Plummer purchased TowBoatUS locations in Baltimore and Middle River, Md., from Capt. Frank Dolan. Plummer had served as Dolan's lead captain for the last five years.

Plummer is president of the Chesapeake Maritime Towing and Assistance Association, a local chapter of C-PORT, the national trade association for the marine assistance and salvage industry. The Coast Guard-licensed Plummer, who also has more than 30 years of diving experience, is a frequent speaker at local boat and yacht clubs, offering boaters information about how to stay safe on the water, prevent accidents and avoid having to call for a tow.

"I grew up boating on the Chesapeake, and one thing I know is things happen on the water that you may not be prepared for,” Plummer said in a statement. "My biggest goal is to help boaters understand why they need to have an on-the-water towing plan with BoatUS. Out-of-pocket costs for a tow start at about $200 an hour, with an average tow costing about $600 per incident. Having BoatUS's ‘unlimited' towing plan will save you from having to pay that bill. I'd really rather have folks pay a little now to sign up for our service rather than pay potentially much more later.”