Oxe to Enter Chinese Market

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Oxe Marine has announced that Parsun — China’s largest outboard manufacturer — have agreed to distribute the Sweden-based company’s line of diesel outboards. In addition, Parsun will provide post-sales service and parts.

According to a press release, the companies are also considering setting up manufacturing facilities for Oxe outboards at Parsun’s mainland China facility for local assembly and parts sourcing.

Earlier this year, Oxe announced that it had inked a deal with Outdoor Network Manufacturing for production of its 125- to 200-hp outboards to start in January of 2021, with their largest offering — a 300-hp outboard — to be added to the production line at a later date.


Both parties have indicated the potential for a diesel outboard in China’s commercial and government service is significant.

"We believe that China has a vast demand for innovative, high-powered, high-quality diesel outboards. OXE is an exciting company with important products that are likely to attract the interest of Chinese ship builders,” said Suzhou Parsun Power Machine CEO Peter Bian.

Oxe Marine CEO Myron Mahendra sees the deal as integral in entering the Asian marketplace.

“I am really pleased that Parsun, the largest Chinese outboard manufacturer, has chosen to work with OXE Marine in promoting and distributing our products in Mainland China,” said Mahendra. “Both parties are keen to continue the collaboration and in due time deepen the relationship in the Chinese market. This is an important step for OXE as we see China as a core market going forward.”