Partner leaves Maine design firm

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Stephens Waring Yacht Design is reorganizing its operation and broadening its market, the company announced.

Previously known as Stephens, Waring & White, the Maine-based design house is now run by principal designers Robert Stephens and Paul Waring. Steve White has decided to focus on his primary business as the owner of Brooklin Boat Yard.

The split comes as the design partners are looking to the future and broadening their market to include production designs for the American and European markets.

"Our working relationship and friendship with Steve remains as solid as ever, but as we move forward with new projects we will now have the freedom to work with other builders and individuals as well," Waring said in a statement.

The firm has 50 years of design experience, hands-on craftsmanship expertise and a design portfolio that ranges from the W-Class and the 90-foot superyacht Bequia to the 50-foot daysailer Ginger and a string of successful cruisers, racers and motor launches.

Stephens Waring will be installed in its new office on the other side of Penobscot Bay by mid-May, and in June the company will launch its 68-foot fast cruiser, Isobel, which is being built at the Brooklin Boat Yard.

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