Pettit Vivid ECO bottom paint


A new environmentally friendly antifouling paint is scheduled to hit the market this spring.

Pettit's Vivid ECO bottom paint wards off marine growth - and does it in bright colors, according to John Ludgate, Pettit general manager.


The copperless coating, which will be offered in an array of hues (including white), uses the new growth inhibitor "Econea," manufactured by Janssen PMP. "We have seen results as good as those with a 65 percent copper paint," says Ludgate. "It's a good choice for regulated waters where copper-based paints are not allowed." West Marine will sell Vivid ECO for $220 a gallon. Extensive testing of Vivid ECO was done in Long Island Sound and waters in North Carolina and California, says Ludgate. The paint is a two-year ablative coating. It's solvent-based. Ludgate expects a water-based version in about a year. Contact: Pettit, Rockaway, N.J., (800) 221-4466,