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Piano on a sandbar? There’s a reason

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How did a baby grand end up on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay, Fla.?

The mystery that gripped much of South Florida and Web surfers everywhere for the past week - who dumped an old grand piano on a sandbar, and why would anyone do that - has finally been solved.

Nick Harrington, 16, says he is responsible, and his actions involved trying to get into college, The New York Times reported.

The teenager had intended to make a "surreal video" of the piano perched atop the sandbar's highest point, with Miami's skyline as a backdrop, to impress the college admissions officers at Cooper Union in Manhattan, where he hopes to study art or music.

No video was made, although Harrington and his family took some pictures of him pretending to play while the piano was on fire. Not long afterward, boaters discovered it, and for days people guessed about the back story of the "piano bar."

Harrington remained quiet until an independent filmmaking couple claimed credit on Wednesday for putting the piano there. Harrington, figuring his college admissions idea would be second-guessed unless he came forward right away to claim credit, decided to go public and call The Miami Herald.

"I never imagined this would become so big," he told the newspaper.

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