PierVantage adds four companies to client list


PierVantage said Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric, Marshall Marine, Pierside Boatworks and SYS Yacht Sales and Service signed up for the company’s cloud-based management system for boatyards, marine facilities and boatbuilding operations.

“We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to be working with some of the most respected boatyards and boat-building operations in the world,” CorVantTM CEO Navroze Eduljee said in a statement.

“We continue to see a consistent flow of boatyards and boatbuilders reaching out to us as they consider upgrading their outdated technology solution or one that was not specifically built for their business,” he said. “Our solution is designed and built to improve the efficiency of business processes, provide unprecedented visibility into operational and financial aspects of the business and deliver a secure, reliable and scalable platform that is conveniently accessible from anywhere, using only a Web browser.”

Owners and general managers are increasingly frustrated with manual processes, Eduljee said.

Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and Electric LLC general manager Doug Dixon says he has dealt with several accounting software programs in the past.

“The problem is they don’t adapt well, and modifying them to our shipyard type of business is a nightmare,” Dixon said in a statement. “PierVantage is different — I am impressed with the team and with its capabilities. With the continual product enhancements, organized implementation process and great support, I am pleased with my decision to implement PierVantage for our growing shipyard.”


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