FLIBS 2019: Propspeed and Airmar partner for new coating

Chris Baird

Chris Baird

Propspeed, the maker of a foul-release coating for running gear, and transducer manufacturer Airmar Corp. have partnered on a new product called Foulfree designed to prevent fouling on transducers.

This is the first time Airmar has partnered with a company to develop a product. Two years ago, Propspeed’s Clint Jones visited Airmar at Metstrade in Amsterdam and explained that he wanted to develop a coating to protect transducers against fouling.

“As transducers have become a bigger part of the spending of the overall electronics package, it’s not a couple hundred dollars anymore,” said Craig Cushman, director of marketing for Airmar.

Silicon-based Foulfree is a non-toxic foul-release coating, not an anti-foulant, applied to the transducer. It allows for more detail on fishfinders, chart plotters and multifunction displays. “The end user gets to see the real picture,” said Nona Pedersen, general manager of Propspeed. “You get to experience the true benefits of what you already paid for.”

Craig Cushman

Craig Cushman

The manufacturer estimates that an application will last one year. The Foulfree kit, which includes application tools, is $39.99.