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Protective cover maker acquires new line


Budge Industries, a leading provider of protective covers and protective-asset solutions, announced the acquisition of a line of protective films from World Class Concepts.

The new products, Road Wrap, Rug Wrap and Snow Wrap, are primarily designed to guard the interior carpet and exterior finishes of automobiles, boats, motorcycles, RVs and other vehicles from road rash, bug stains and other road debris.

The inventor, Edward Nickolaus Jr., a former body-shop owner and an inventor and patent holder on several other products, will remain active with Budge and continue to promote and develop the product line.

"We are excited with the opportunity these protective-film products provide in enhancing the asset-protection capabilities we provide to our customers," president Charles Simon said in a statement. "In keeping with our growth strategy we will continue to seek out and develop new products to add to our line of consumer protection."

Budge has been a maker of protective covers for consumer, industrial and military applications since 1940. The company has a full line of protective covers for car, truck, van, SUV, patio, marine and other assets.