PSI Marine goes to court in lawsuit against Slidemoor

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Michigan-based manufacturer PSI Marine had its first court appearance since filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against docking-system company Slidemoor.

The suit alleges that Slidemoor is intentionally making false and misleading descriptions of fact regarding PSI Marine's trademarked product TideSlide.

PSI Marine says Slidemoor is inaccurately describing TideSlide on its website, showing a side-by-side product comparison with incorrect and misleading information. The lawsuit also notes that the competitor purchased TideSlide's trademarked name from Google as an AdWord, which provides an advantage on web searches.

"While the TideSlide trademark has been in use since 2000 and registered since 2003, our business has been dedicated even longer to developing a high-quality product for such a great industry," PSI Marine president Mark Baluha said in a statement. "We believe these intentional inaccuracies are unethical and we're confident the law is on our side in this matter. We'll continue to take the high road as our case proceeds."

The lawsuit demands that Florida-based Slidemoor remove any false and misleading descriptions from its website. PSI Marine is seeking legal fees and damages resulting from the alleged misrepresentations and has asked for a jury trial to determine the extent of its losses.


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