Publisher offers state boating e-books


Official boating handbooks that summarize state boating regulations and safety information are now available for most states as e-books.

The state-specific handbooks, published by Kalkomey, the parent of Boat Ed and, are available for a variety of e-readers.

“With our e-books we’re able to offer boaters the convenience of using their tablet or smart phone to find boating information, even when they’re on the water,” Kalkomey user experience manager Edward Cossette said in a statement.

An added advantage of the format is that some states can offer additional information, such as pumpout station locations, sunrise/sunset charts, tide tables and fish identification facts.

Boat Ed’s e-books are official publications developed for the state agency responsible for boating safety education and are available for download on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iBooks and on a computer with iTunes. The e-books also are available for Kindle and Nook devices and apps.