Publishing executive debuts new marketing company

Veteran marine publishing executive Sean O’Leary said he is introducing a marketing solution designed to reach boat owners and buyers.

Veteran marine publishing executive Sean O’Leary said he is introducing an innovative direct-response, multi-tiered marketing solution designed to reach high-value, authentic boat owners and buyers.

Utilizing an integrated approach, O’Leary said, the newly formed Dealmaker Sportfishing franchise will drive traffic and qualified leads to original equipment manufacturers, dealers and marine marketers across the industry.

Launching prior to the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Dealmaker Sportfishing will offer a uniquely packaged integrated product by combining the major channels of direct mail, web-banner advertising and mobile marketing to deliver measurable results for marine marketers, O’Leary said.

Unlike traditional single-tiered solutions, Dealmaker direct-response marketing will provide the benefit of noticeable increases in consumer data, greater numbers of leads and higher-quality buyers than in the past, O’Leary said.

“Fishing-style boat owners tend to accessorize and purchase a lot of marine-related products," O’Leary said in a statement. “Launching Dealmaker Sportfishing in the tackle, gear and electronics segment makes a lot of sense. There is a myriad of products out there that need greater visibility,”

Dealmaker plans to offer a turnkey solution that utilizes the right mix of direct mail, web, digital, and mobile media. O’Leary said he is addressing the demand for measurable tools in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Realizing the importance of better assessment, Dealmaker features an upscale direct mail buyer’s guide that creates awareness and facilitates the buying process for more than 25,000 boat owners, all of whom purchased their boats new in the last eight years and live along coastlines in affluent coastal ZIP codes.

Published with featured advertising and limited editorial, the buyer’s guide will drive prospects to a marketing partner dedicated website,, where ads and offers can be viewed online and in mobile format. Additionally, the company is planning a multi-digital platform for product targeting.

Dealmaker will collect email addresses, offering incentives or other deals and direct visitors to ad partner websites. Recipients of the buyer’s guide also have the option to call a trackable 800 number that is unique to each advertiser and directs the prospect to the advertiser’s sales department or to a recorded line that is managed by Dealmaker, O’Leary said.

To bolster the direct mail and website offerings, the company will serve Dealmaker Sportfishing branded banner ads, targeting the 25,000 direct mail, boat-owner recipients.

“There are so many media channels out there today,” O’Leary said. “Our product takes a targeted direct marketing approach on a number of levels to ensure that we reach the right mix of buying prospects.”


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