PWC online forum marks 10 years


The online forum is celebrating its 10th year in business and more than 2 million posts.

The forum was founded in summer 2000 by riding enthusiast Rob Kennedy and quickly became the largest personal watercraft forum on the Internet. SBT, online retailer of PWC engines, parts and accessories, acquired the site in 2005 from Kennedy.

"While small by today's standard, the forum had over 500,000 posts at the time, making it by far the largest forum of its type in the world," said Greg Pickren, owner of SBT. "It is really incredible that it has over 2,000,000 posts today."

Now PWCToday has more than 40,000 members and is part of the online and catalog retailer The Watercraft Superstore, a company founded in 2008 and also owned by Pickren.

"Merging The Watercraft Superstore and PWCToday was a natural progression," said Pickren. "Our forum members can now quickly find the goods they need to enjoy their passion."

The Watercraft Superstore features more than 5,000 items and is the only online and catalog retailer that exclusively caters to the PWC industry, according to Pickren.

"It's amazing how much technical information is presented every day on the forum," added John Salvatore, The Watercraft Superstore's general manager. "I get a real kick out of watching a renowned industry professional with 30 years experience help out a newbie at midnight that just bought his first ski and cannot get it started. And the amazing thing is that it happens all the time on this forum."