Quick Hits: August 21, 2020

Dredging company announces projects; and Discover Boating's influencer program gleaned 160% more traffic than expected.
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Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp. announced $117.8 million in dredging and coastal protection contracts for several locations in the United States. The largest of the six projects will use $449 million to create a marsh and remove materials on the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to the Gulf. In addition, the company will dredge in North Carolina, perform a $24 million beach replenishment project at the New Jersey shore, and maintenance dredging in Texas, Delaware, Maryland and Florida. “Great Lakes is pleased to add these major coastal protection and maintenance dredging awards to our backlog,” said COO David Simonelli in a statement. “These projects are aligned with our strategy to provide dredging services to support the overall improvement and resiliency of our country’s environment, coastlines and infrastructure.”

Discover Boating’s new social media influencer program has helped generate 650,000 engagements — likes, comments, shares and views — leading to a 160 percent increase over the expectation to engage 250,000 with the campaign. The campaign has reached 698,000 impressions, which includes the number of times fans came across Discover Boating branded content organically when scrolling through their social feeds, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Travel influencer @hey_ciara shared with her followers that “boating is one of the safest ways to escape” the pandemic and cites Discover Boating for info on how to rent boats. “Getting out on the water and into the sun has been proven to reduce stress and boost serotonin, which we could all use a bit of at the moment,” she wrote.


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